What first got into music? 


Be to quiet frank I had 2 choices! The music or the gang then I have to think about my families well our past our pride all that brought me to reason then I choose the music even if I have not yet won from those I want but I am alive and I have a life and a positive outlook.


Who inspired you to make music ? 


My inspirations come from the nature of those I see around me.


Who would you most like to collaborate?


I would like to collaborate with all national or international artists I am ready and capable I have great capacities so why not we all work together.

 Do you sing in the shower? What songs ? 

Oh! yes different songs but with a cute one in the shower I always preferred (FÉM PLEZI) from KALASH or (BLESS PUSSY) from (POP CAAN),


 What is the best advice you’ve been?


The one who considers himself the strongest is a fool but the one who always seems to be weak is the intelligent.

If you could change anything about the industry,what would it be?

Replace hypocrisy with love and my differences of being aside to collaborate for a new musical generation millionaires


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