Leonardo Melet is a singer born in Valencia (Venezuela) on December 22, Artistically known by the name of "The Leo", he became interested in the world of music through rap in mid-2009 where he started singing with a group (F4 Crew) from their neighborhood of origin flor amarillo, through improvisation and local rap battles.

Some time later The Leo captures the attention of several producers and recording studios in his province (El 4to records, Ak7, Ps Music and Ms13) with whom he produced albums and unpublished songs as a soloist during the following non-profit years (2010- 2012).


Some time later (2012-2014) The Leo ventures into the world of production and begins to record, produce and mix his own independent material with the advice of said producers, and certifications of equalization and mixing with nuendo. retaining the mostly non-profit underground non-profit underground rap line.


His last album recorded and mixed in Venezuela "Sizigia" was produced by him at home in collaboration with "El mycro" where there are participations of "Kingson" and "Lexico Callejero".


After a while (2015-2016) The Leo travels to the Dominican Republic where he begins a musical project with Ricky Usa under the label of "Polanco Records" where they produce an album of 10 songs and an official video titled "Latin Beatles". album was not released for contract reasons)


-The Leo participates in the "I am urban" contest of the television network telemicro, ranking 1st in 2017.


-Then he participates in the "My talent mounts me" contest of the television network telemicro, ranking 3rd in 2017.


- Win Freestyle Battle of event "Expo Vega Empresarial" de la Vega in 2017


That same year, The Leo signed a digital distribution and audio visual contract with the company "Wins Filmz" with which it is currently working together.


In 2018 The Leo forms a recording studio and registered company together with Gary mazukamba under the name "Mazukamba Studios", with whom he produced releases such as "Location", "In the Neighborhood" and "Punta Cana with Yessy Hernández" who is also your digital advertising and marketing advisor.


Currently The Leo has been working with his current team since his arrival in the Dominican Republic in 2018 and releasing unpublished content with the monophonic record of "Mazukamba Studios" "The Leo Produce" and the digital and audio visual seal of "Wins Filmz".



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